About SNCosmo

Package Features

  • SN models: Synthesize supernova spectra and photometry from SN models.

  • Fitting and sampling: Functions for fitting and sampling SN model parameters given photometric light curve data.

  • I/O: Convenience functions for reading and writing peculiar data formats used in other packages.

  • Built-in supernova models such as SALT2, MLCS2k2, Hsiao, Nugent, PSNID, SNANA and Whalen models, as well as a variety of built-in bandpasses and magnitude systems.

  • Extensible: New models, bandpasses, and magnitude systems can be defined, using an object-oriented interface.

The name SNCosmo

A natural choice, “snpy”, was already in use by the “SNooPy” package, so I tried to be a little more descriptive. The package is really specific to supernova cosmology, as it doesn’t cover other types of supernova science (radiative transfer simulations for instance). Hence “sncosmo”.


SNCosmo was originally written by Kyle Barbary in 2012. Since then, over 20 people have contributed to its development. A full list of contributors can be found in the CITATION.cff file. Parsed versions of the author list, including BibTeX entries that can be used to cite SNCosmo, are available on GitHub and Zenodo.