SNCosmo works on Python 3.4+ and depends on the following Python packages:

Install using pip

First ensure that numpy and cython are installed. Then:

pip install sncosmo


The --no-deps flag is optional, but highly recommended if you already have numpy, scipy and astropy installed, since otherwise pip will sometimes try to “help” you by upgrading your Numpy installation, which may not always be desired.


If you get a PermissionError this means that you do not have the required administrative access to install new packages to your Python installation. In this case you may consider using the --user option to install the package into your home directory. You can read more about how to do this in the pip documentation.

Do not install sncosmo or other third-party packages using sudo unless you are fully aware of the risks.


You will need a C compiler (e.g. gcc or clang) to be installed for the installation to succeed.

Install latest development version

SNCosmo is being developed on github. To get the latest development version using git:

git clone git://
cd sncosmo


./ install

As with the pip install instructions, you may want to use either install --user or develop to alter where the package is installed.

Optional dependencies

Several additional packages are recommended for enabling optional functionality in SNCosmo.

The corner package is also recommended for plotting results from the samplers sncosmo.mcmc_lc and sncosmo.nest_lc, but is not used by any part of sncosmo.