sncosmo.write_lc(data, fname, format='ascii', **kwargs)[source]

Write light curve data.


Light curve data.



format{‘ascii’, ‘salt2’, ‘snana’, ‘json’}, optional

Format of file. Default is ‘ascii’. ‘salt2’ is the new format available in snfit version >= 2.3.0.

delimstr, optional

[ascii only] Character used to separate entries on a line. Default is ‘ ‘.

metacharstr, optional

[ascii only] Metadata designator. Default is ‘@’.

rawbool, optional

[salt2, snana] By default, the SALT2 and SNANA writers rename some metadata keys and column names in order to comply with what snfit and SNANA expect. Set to True to override this. Default is False.

pedanticbool, optional

[salt2, snana] If True, check that output column names and header keys comply with expected formatting, and raise a ValueError if not. It is probably a good idea to set to False when raw is True. Default is True.